TIP#1 : Do a blind man’s walk.

Do you ever wonder if your child is ignoring you when you give directions or if your child has difficulty following directions?  The Blind Man’s Walk should be able to help you decide. By blindfolding your child, you are eliminating other distractions that could be the reason your child doesn’t typically follow your directions.  
The activity can be done inside on a rainy day or outside on a sunny day.  First explain to your child that you are going to play a listening game while he/she is blindfolded.  

Once blindfolded, lead your child by the hand while giving ‘preposition’ instructions appropriate to the age of the child.  You could use commands such as step over the rock, go to the left/right, go around the tree, go under the limb, etc.  Preschool children may need only ‘in, on, under’ instructions.

If this activity proves to be difficult for your child or if you have questions, please email me.

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