TIP#3 Summer Language Enrichment Series : Create present/past/future stories

Does your child have difficulty telling a story or relaying to you what has happened?  This tip will give you guidance on how to help your child to sequence events.

This activity requires you to plan ahead a trip or event.  Depending on the age of your child, this activity can be done orally or in writing. Suppose you and your child are going to the zoo on Tuesday.  On Monday, you will develop a future tense story before the trip (Tomorrow we will go to the zoo. What do you think we will see? Where do you want to eat?, etc.).  A future tense story gives you the opportunity to use future tense language such as ‘will, could, hope/plan to, etc.’ Then on Tuesday while you are involved in your trip, you will be formulating a present tense story and using ‘ing’ words such as ‘are riding/seeing/eating, etc.’ On Wednesday, you will construct a past tense story using words that reflect what has already happened such as ‘rode/saw/ate, etc.’  

These stories give you an opportunity to make a summer adventure book with pictures and stories to share and remember for years.  If this activity proves to be difficult for your child or if you have questions, please email me.

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