TIP # 6 Summer Language Enrichment Series :Play a trip game

Speech Pathology Associates, Mississippi
Summer Language Enrichment Series

Our activity for this week is similar to TIP#5 category game, but requires more critical thinking.  You may remember playing this game while riding in the car with your friends. This is hard for younger children because they don’t have the higher level language that older students have acquired.

You and your child will pretend that you are going on a trip, building a doghouse,
packing a picnic basket, etc.  What will you need to bring? You will begin by saying,
‘I am going to the beach and will take my towel’. Then your child will chime in with,
‘I am going to the beach and will take my swimsuit’.  This interchange will continue
until all items are exhausted.

This exercise builds a larger and more complex language repertoire.   If this activity
proves to be difficult for your child or if you have questions, please email me.

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