TIP#7 Summer Language Enrichment Series:

Speech Pathology Associates, Mississippi
Summer Language Enrichment Series

Following a recipe is a perfect way to work on following sequential directions.  This gives
an opportunity for new vocabulary words as well as putting things in a certain order.

Choose a recipe that has only a few ingredients for a younger child and more advanced
recipes for the older.  You may even consider using a pre-packaged task such as blueberry
muffin mix. Regardless of your snack choice, the main purpose of this activity is to increase
vocabulary (i.e., cup, teaspoon, mix, etc.) and sequential language (first, next, then, last, etc.)
that other activities don’t allow.  

To make this a lasting activity to reinforce in a different way, take pictures of the activity at each
step.  Then your younger children can take the pictures and sequence them in the order they

If this activity proves to be difficult for your child or if you have questions, please email me.

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