Tip#8 Summer Language Enrichment Series :

Speech Pathology Associates, Mississippi
Summer Language Enrichment Series

Both you and the child can ‘be the teacher’ in the task of asking questions and giving
hints of what the word might be.  This is similar to the old Password game but involves
not only single word hints but questions as well. This is a great table game but could
also be a good traveling game to prevent boredom.  

You or your child will think of an item such as ‘ball’ or an activity such as ‘swimming’
and the other must ask questions to arrive at the name of the item.  This is another
complex language development activity because only specific questions and hints will
arrive at the final answer.  

Random questions and hints that don’t point to the item specifically will be an indicator
that this task is challenging for your child.  If this activity proves to be difficult for your
child or if you have questions, please email me.

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