School-Based Services

Assisting Students With Speech-Language Issues at School

Speech Pathology Associates, Inc. is happy to partner with school districts at little or no cost to provide speech-language services to students who meet Medicaid criteria.
We can provide your school district with a full range of speech-language services to your children for whatever amount of time is deemed appropriate:

  • In-service Speech-Language workshops
  • Speech-Language screenings and evaluations
  • Comprehensive developmental assessments
  • Phonemic awareness workshops
  • Identify typical and atypical development of preschoolers
  • Determine eligibility for speech and language impairment
  • Parent-teacher conferences
  • Therapy

To learn more about these services available to your school, call us at 601-833-8363.

Why Choose Speech Pathology Associates, Inc?

When it comes to speech-language services, Speech Pathology Associates, Inc. is the best in the business. Our practice provides community-based services to ensure everyone who needs speech therapy is able to receive it.