TIP#5 Summer Language Enrichment Series : Play a category game

Speech Pathology Associates, Mississippi
Summer Language Enrichment Series

Difficulty naming 6-8 items that make up a category can often be an early indicator of
later reading problems.  While this activity can be done in a number of settings, just like
the TIP#4 action word game, playing it in a pool provides the most summer fun.  

As on our last activity, using a beach ball, have your child or a group of kids stand in the
shallow water so they can easily throw a ball to one another.  Either you or another team
member will choose a category from which the items will come. The kids will throw the
ball in a random order so each child must be ready with a category word at all times. 
When the ball is thrown to a child, he/she is to say an item from the category chosen
(animals, clothes, fruits, vegetables, etc.) when the ball is caught. If unable to give a
word, you could have that child sit on the side of the pool until only one child
remains; however, the actual ‘game’ instructions are yours to make.

Increasing category language is one of the best ways to increase language.  If this activity
proves to be difficult for your child or if you have questions, please email me.

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